Buccaldol Mouthgel 5 g

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Descripción de la Buccaldol Mouthgel

Buccaldol is a medicine that helps relieve the pain, discomfort and soreness of the mouth associated with mouth infections, ulcers and cold sores. It also helps relieve the irritation and disconfort caused by dentures and orthodontic devices. It contains choline salicylate which is an anti-inflammatory medicine which helps relieve pain and inflammation. This medicine is available in the form of a gel which is applied directly on to the sore areas of the gums. You may apply a dose after every three hours.

The buccaldol mouthgel is an alternative of Bonjela.

Efectos secundarios de Buccaldol Mouthgel

Most medicines can cause some side-effects but not everyone having the same medicine will get the same side-effects. The following side-effects have been associated with people having this medicine: bronchospasm or asthma attacks in people sensitive to salicylates


Always get advice from a healthcare professional before having this medicine if this medicine is for someone who: is allergic or sensitive to or has had a reaction to salicylates or any of the ingredients in the medicine is under 16 years of age has a stomach ulcer

Medicines interactions If you are taking more than one medicine they may interact with each other. Before using this medicine consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking or have recently taken any other medicines including vitamins, mineral supplements and herbal or complementary preparations. The following medicines may interact with this medicine: anticoagulants uricosurics
Buccaldol Mouthgel 5 g
6,90 €
6,21 €

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