Elmex Toothbrush Child Age 3-6 1 St

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Descripción de la Elmex Toothbrush Child Age 3-6

Elmex Toothbrush Child Age 3-6
To encourage initial attempts at independent brushing, give your child a toothbrush adapted to his or her motor skills. A special children’s toothbrush with an easy-grip, non-slip handle, a small brush head and soft bristles is the best choice.
  • The Elmex children’s toothbrush helps children learn to brush correctly through play.
  • The small brush head is especially suitable for children.
  • Soft end-rounded bristles for gently, but effective cleaning and plaque removal.
  • The yellow bristle field facilitates correct dosing of the recommended pea-sized amount of children’s toothpaste.
  • The non-slip handle with guide markings, developed together with ergonomics specialists, is suitable for all types of grips used by children of this age group.


Children from 3 to 6 years old, for the daily protection against cavities.
Elmex Toothbrush Child Age 3-6 1 St
3,95 €
3,56 €

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