Fittydent Self-Adhesivee Cream 40 g

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Descripción de la Fittydent Self-Adhesivee Cream

- the only non-water soluble adhesive paste that is not washed away by saliva or liquid

- affect the health not, will not leak in the stomach

- this new technology ensures that there is no shift or displacement of the prosthesis

- does not contain zinc.

El uso de Fittydent Self-Adhesivee Cream

Clean your dentures and allow it to dry. Fittydent will only insure a strong bond when the denture is completely dry.

Bring fittydent to your dentures by slightly pressing the tube. Heated tube in your hands as the tube is too cold and therefore difficult to stick to the pasta. Bring fittydent in stripes to your dentures and make sure the stripes are not too close at the edge.

Close the tube immediately after use.

Place your dentures in the mouth and squeeze the jaws firmly together.

For optimal restultaat wait 15 minutes Before something to eat or drink.
Fittydent Self-Adhesivee Cream 40 g
8,90 €
8,01 €
(20,03 € / 100 g)

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