Herôme Bye Bite 10 ml

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Descripción de Herôme Bye Bite

The Herôme Bye Bite is a product that prevents nail biting and cuticle biting. The product is very simple to use. The Herôme Bye Bite has an extra bitter taste and leaves a matt layer behind, that's why this product is also suitable for men. It is enriched with vitamin E, so that the nail structure is strengthened and the nail growth is stimulated. Moreover is this product suitable against thumb sucking and can also be used by children, because it is not damaging for the health.

  • Prevents nail biting as cuticle biting through its very bitter taste.
  • Stimulates nail structure and nail growth
  • Suitable for men and children
  • Doesn't dissolve in (dish washing) water!
Taste disappears only if removed with the Herôme Caring
Nail Polish Remover or Herôme Caring Nail Polish Remover Pad.

El uso de Herôme Bye Bite

Day1: Bring one or two layers Herôme Bye Bite on the nails.
Day 2: Leave it for a while
Day 3: If the layer becomes too thick remove with the Herôme Caring Nail Polish Remover. Apply a layer again

Ingredientes Herôme Bye Bite

Important ingredients
Vitamin E - strengthens nail structure and stimulates nail growth
Silicium - Firmer, stimulates fibre


Herôme Bye Bite shouldn't be applied on the cuticles. Use the Herôme Bye Bite in combination with the Herôme Cuticle Remover because with nail biters most often the cuticles are trapped.
Herôme Bye Bite 10 ml
10,50 €
9,45 €
(94,50 € / 100 ml)

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