Herôme Cuticle Cream 15 ml

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(59,73 € / 100 ml)
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Descripción de Herôme Cuticle Cream

These Herôme Cuticle Cream repairs dry and breaking cuticles and has an infection block working. It prevents and fights hard cuticle edges and makes them supple and soft.Ideal for massage or to repair the skin during the night.

The cream gives its working also for the cuticles and toe nails. With using of the Herôme Nail Hardeners it is advised to use the Herôme Cuticle Cream.

El uso de Herôme Cuticle Cream

Bring the Herôme Cuticle Cream on the cuticles and massage well. With preference apply before going to sleep, so that the cream can work the whole night. Care for the cuticles during the day with Herôme Cuticle & Nail Remedy Pen.

Ingredientes Herôme Cuticle Cream

Important ingredientes
Aloë Vera – regenerating
Bisabolol – camille, disinfecting
Caneel – circulation
Citroen – stimulates, cleaning
Vitamin F – suppleness
Glycerine – fluid binding
Allantoine – Softens, skin repairing
Herôme Cuticle Cream 15 ml
9,95 €
8,96 €
(59,73 € / 100 ml)

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