Herôme Glass Nail File 1 pieza

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Descripción de Herôme Glass Nail File

The Herôme Glass Nail file Travel size is a professional, non tearing nail file in handy bag form (14 cm), that the nails in a soft way file. These file has a coarseness, which makes the nails shorter and filed in a model and the nail plate is closed. Suitable for every nail type.

The glass of the file is processed in a special manner, so that the nails get a natural, smooth form. Through the structure of the file can only be processed from the side to the middle. A reason why incorrect filing becomes impossible.

  • Ideal bag form
  • The fine structure files the smallest unevenness with precise way
  • Non tearing

El uso de Herôme Glass Nail File

Place the file on the nail edge and move these from the outside of the nail to the middle of the nail. When the wrong "saw movement" is made, immediately originate an inconvenient feeling, which makes people stop with filing.

Through reducing the pressure on the file  the nail plate closes, to prevent dust(fluid, bacteria) from the outside to force itself in the nails. After every use rinse the file with water or a disinfecting spray/solution.
Herôme Glass Nail File 1 pieza
19,95 €
17,96 €

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