Herôme Nurturing Nail Oil 10 ml

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Descripción de Herôme Nurturing Nail Oil

The Herôme Nourishing Nail Oilrepairs the condition of the nails, where by the breaking and the splitting of the nails can be prevented.

The feeding nail oil is very suitable for dry, hard and brittle nails and betters bad growing nails. Oil crawls under the cuticle to the nail root and so repairs the nail. It protects and takes care of the cuticles and keeps them soft.

With a bad nail condition you can make use of the nourishing nail oil daily in a cure of 14 days.

  • For dry and hard nails
  • Repairs the condition of the nails
  • Prevents splitting and breaking nails
  • Gives suppleness to hard nails
  • Takes care and protects the cuticles

El uso de Herôme Nurturing Nail Oil

The oil must be applied on the unpolished nails and cuticles and massaged with the fingers. The oil is absorbed through the nail and through massaging are the nails stimulated. The nails can be polished with the Herôme Caring Nail Polish Remover after the oil is absorbed, but should be first degreased.

Ingredientes Herôme Nurturing Nail Oil

Important ingredients:
Amandelolie- softens hard skin parts
vitamine A, mineral rich
Vitamine B-Complicated
Vitamine E - hydrating
Vitamine F - gives the nails  structure  and suppleness
Citroenolie - stimulating
Herôme Nurturing Nail Oil 10 ml
11,95 €
10,76 €
(107,60 € / 100 ml)

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