Si Nails Nail Care Solution 12 ml

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Descripción de Si Nails Nail Care Solution

Si-nails® varnish, special formulation for fragile nails, has been designed to protect, improve and encourage the growth of the nail through its essential nutritional additives. Based on a unique complex of organic silicon combined with a thiol derivative, this varnish enables the nails to regain their comfort and beauty. It procures benefits such as regulation of growth, improvement to their protection and their resistance, and hardening.


- Improves the growth and quality of the nail
- Protects the nail against external attacks
- Constitutes a nutritional additive essential for your nails

El uso de Si Nails Nail Care Solution

- Apply a coat of Si-nails® varnish once a day for three consecutive days, without removing the previous coats.
- On the third day, remove the varnish using Si-nails® remover and recommence treatment.
- For optimal results, repeat the process for three months. -
- Can be applied as a traditional varnish or as a base coat, all year round.

Ingredientes Si Nails Nail Care Solution

Unique mercapto-silanol complex: combination of organic silicon and a thiol derivative which stimulates the construction of disulphide bonds (S-S) and thus seals together all the layers of keratin of the nails.
Si Nails Nail Care Solution 12 ml
15,40 €
13,86 €
(115,50 € / 100 ml)

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