Fantomalt Instant 400 g

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Descripción de la Fantomalt Instant

Fantomalt Instant
Fantomalt is a diet nutrition for medical use with the diet treatment of persons with an insufficient energy intake or increased energy need. Fantomalt is an easy to use energy supplement based on maltodextrine. Milk egg white free. Gelatine- and lactose free. Fantomalt dissolves easily in hot and cold drinks, is neutral in taste and can be added to as well sweet as savory nutrition/drink. Suitable for use in the kitchen.


As supplement energy source in the nutrition for everyone who needs extra energy.

El uso de Fantomalt Instant

In drinks: Add the wanted quantity of Fantomalt in the drink and stir it well. In dishes: dissolve the wanted quantity of Fantomalt in some water and mix it with warm or cold dish.
Fantomalt Instant 400 g
7,64 €
6,88 €
(17,20 € / kg)

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