Gisol 30 cápsulas

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El uso de Gisol

2 capsules a day or as recommended.

Ingredientes Gisol

Powder of Saccharomyces boulardii - 1,5 billion organisms/capsule
Vit. C (ascorbic acid) - 9 mg

Auxiliary substances: mannitol, gelatine, magnesium stearate, silicium dioxide, natural flavoring: vanilla

At the start of the production, this product contains 6 billion organisms/ gram end product. 1 capsule contains 250 mg end product.


Not to be used by people with a weakened immune function (immunocompromised patients, e.g. AIDS, people taking cortisones, transplanted, etc.).
Gisol 30 cápsulas
10,99 €
9,89 €

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