Fytobell Angelibell 100 ml

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Descripción de la Fytobell Angelibell

Angelibell is used for symptoms caused by the transition. The drug helps to absorb hormonal fluctuations during the transition causing mood improvement and you sleep better, less nervous, less hot flashes, fewer perspiration and the process of the weakening of the bones gets inhibited.


Angelibell is a composition that is used when having complaints due to the transition. The product is used to absorb the hormonal fluctuations during the transition.

El uso de Fytobell Angelibell

2 months 3 times a day 25-30 drops before meals with some (source) water, then 2 months, 2 times a day 25 drops, after this period, try changing to 1 time a day 30 drops in the evening before going to sleep.

If the symptoms come back again, you can switch to 2 times a day 25 drops. Because the transition is not a disease, it would be advisable (after some time: eg after taking 6-12 months) that you try to stop the treatment. This at least for a period of 1 to 2 months.

Ingredientes Fytobell Angelibell

Plant extracts:
- Angelica archangelica UE (large angelica)
- UE Vitex agnus castus (monk pepper)
- V / v alc. 30%
Fytobell Angelibell 100 ml
16,25 €
14,63 €
(14,63 € / 100 ml)

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