Bional Ideal Weight 80 St Cápsulas

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Descripción de la Bional Ideal Weight

The Bional Ideal Weight capsules contain herbal extracts with several effects:
- stimulate bowel function
- support the humidity level
- control the absorption of carbohydrates

This ensures that your body retains it optimal weight.



El uso de Bional Ideal Weight

1-3 capsules a day, after a meal, depending on the physical reaction. With water. Do not use below 12 years. During pregnancy or breastfeeding consult your doctor. No prolonged use without professional advice.

Ingredientes Bional Ideal Weight

Herbal extracts, soybean oil, gelatin, glycerol, sorbitol, soya lecithin, silicon dioxide.
Bional Ideal Weight 80 St Cápsulas
10,79 €
9,71 €

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