Vista- D3 400 Junior 120 comprimidos sublinguales

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Descripción de Vista- D3 400 Junior

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin. Unlike other (water-soluble) vitamins, the surplus is not simply eliminated, but instead accumulates in the fatty tissue. This can lead to overdose and to certain side effects. It is therefore better to avoid this accumulation in the body. The best way to supply our body with vitamin D is simply to take a normal (physiological) dose of this vitamin every day. The (old-fashioned) vitamin D therapy with very high doses (50 x the average recommended daily dose!) administered weekly or monthly is clearly not physiological and moreover, according to recent research, is less effective in achieving normal blood levels.

VISTA-D3 400  contains a physiological dose (400 international units, iu) of vitamin D3 specially adapted for babies and children.


Your sunshine in 1 melting tablet a day
Easy to use
A specific dosage for each age

El uso de Vista- D3 400 Junior

A melting tablet that is easy to use for everyone : you can let it melt on your tongue, swallow it or dissolve it in water!
For babies: no more counting drops to a spoon or in a feeding bottle. With VISTA-D3 400 you can be sure to give the correct dose: there is no risk of administering or taking too little or too much. Dissolve the tablet in a spoonful of water and add to a feeding bottle or add the tablet directly to the feeding bottle.
For children or people who have difficulties swallowing: let the tablet melt on your tongue.
Adults can also simply swallow the tablet.
Vista- D3 400 Junior 120 comprimidos sublinguales
12,90 €
11,61 €

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