Nexcare Cold-Hot Maternity 2 unidades

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17,71 €
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Descripción de Nexcare Cold-Hot Maternity

The solution for mothers with breastfeeding problems
  • gel pad, reusable hot or cold, for a natural pain relief on breastfeeding mothers.
Warm use for breastfeeding:
  • Stimulates milk flow
  • Keeps the milk channel open
  • Prevents breast engorgement
Cold use after breastfeeding
  • Reduces risk of inflammation
  • Reduces the risk of blockage
  • Relieves the pain instantly

adaptable to all types of breast shape due to the moon-shape. It can be placed in breastfeeding B.H.'s
Soft: supplied with 2 protective sleeves 100% cotton
Washable at 30 °
Nexcare Cold-Hot Maternity 2 unidades
19,68 €
17,71 €

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