Aqtif STA 20 cápsulas

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Descripción de Aqtif STA

Coenzyme Q10, a vitamin-like substance, is a key element in the production of vital energy. Ubiquinol is the non-oxidized form of Coenzyme Q10. A healthy person produces more than 90% of Coenzyme Q10 in its non-oxidized form (Q10H2), ubiquinol. While ubiquinone, or the oxidized form, constitutes the remaining 10%.
Ubiquinol shows strong antioxidant properties.
An important collaboration exists between ubiquinol and vitamin E in order to obtain an optimal antioxidant effect.


AQTIF sta strengthens the vitality
Ubiquinol is essential for the energy production process and is up to 4.3 times better absorbed than ubiquinone.
AQTIF sta helps to protect against aging symptoms
A daily supplement of 25 mg ubiquinol strengthens the vitality, contributes to increase the resistance of the organism and helps in case of muscular fatigue.

El uso de Aqtif STA

1 capsule daily. It is recommended to take AQTIF sta during the meal.

Ingredientes Aqtif STA

Each capsule contains 25 mg ubiquinol, 12 mg vitamin E and wheat-germ oil.
Aqtif STA 20 cápsulas
12,80 €
11,52 €

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