Sumivital 425mg 120 cápsulas

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Descripción de Sumivital 425mg

Sumivital contains essential anti-oxidative substances (vitamins + minerals) which act in the protection against free radicals, enhance the vitality and support our defence system. It is important to ensure the daily intake of essential anti-oxidants corresponding to the individual’s need.


The Sumivital formula matches exactly the one used in the French SU.VI.MAX. trial (A randomized, placebo-controlled trial of the health effects of antioxidant vitamins and minerals).
• Vitamin C and vitamin E help protect against free radicals.
• Vitamine C occurs at different levels: contribution to the regeneration of the reduced form of vitamin E Participation in energy metabolism, good function of the immune system, decrease of fatigue and tiredness, etc...
• Beta-carotene , a precursor of vitamin A, helps to stimulate and strengthen the immune system.
• Selenium combined with vitamin E, helps protect the body from free radicals and support the immune system.
• Zinc is involved in the normal synthesis of DNA and proteins.

El uso de Sumivital 425mg

1 capsule of Sumivital daily to be taken with a glass of water during a meal.

Ingredientes Sumivital 425mg

Each capsule Sumivital contains beta-carotene: 6 mg (125% RDI) vitamine E: equivalent to 30 mg of D-alpha-tocopherol (300% RDI) vitamin C: 120 mg (200% RDI) selenium: 100 µg (143% RDI) as selenium-enriched yeast zinc: 20 mg (133% RDI) as zinc gluconate
Sumivital 425mg 120 cápsulas
22,25 €
20,03 €

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